Handshake3: Reflect opens at The Dowse Art Museum

The Handshake3: Reflect show will be up at the Dowse Art Museum until 03 December 2017, so plenty of time to go and check it out!

For more information about Handshake3 refer www.handshake3.com

All below photos by Mark Tantrum marktantrum.com

Above work by Sharon Fitness

Above work by Becky Bliss

Above work by Amelia Pascoe

Above work by Amelia Pascoe

Above work by Debbie Adamson

Above work by Sarah Walker Holt

Above work by Sarah Read

Above work by Renee Bevan

Peter Deckers (Creative Director, Handshake)

Lisa Walker and Sian van Dyk (Handshake3: Reflect curator)

Sarah Read

Peter Deckers

Opening speeches

Sharon Fitness