Pascoes Jewellers TJTJ Residency

The Jewel and The Jeweller (TJTJ) is a contemporary jewellery workshop and gallery Ngāmotu New Plymouth. Birthed by Jen Laracy and Sam Kelly (two artist/jewellers extraordinaire). TJTJ is nestled into the centre of the city surrounded by bakeries, cafes, restaurants, galleries, theatres, music venues and beaches (just perfect for cold water dipping). One of the fabulous outcomes of Nelson Jewellery Week was a residency invitation from Jen for the Pascoes Jewellers (thats me and cousin Katie).

Katie and my families have always been close. We grew up having many wonderful shared experiences – which continue today. As adults we followed our own winding paths to contemporary jewellery which converged in the 2010s. We have been threatening for years to embark on some form of collaboration. Jen’s invitation and her and others (Kristin! Govett Brewster staff!!) generous hosting may have just ignited that spark.

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