Principia 2014

Space has always held a strong allure for the human race, and the race between the USSR and the US to control the skies was the beginning of an accelerating trajectory of exploration and discovery.

In the last 60years thousands of rockets and satellites have been launched into space, and hundreds of thousands of fragments now remain in space and continue to orbit the earth

Desire, action, consequence.

As jewellers we also make and release objects into the world fulfilling our desire to create and to connect. Sometimes these creations reach their destination and enrich. Sometimes their path is less well defined. Yet still they are out there.

It is a law of physics that any two masses exert a gravitational force or pull on each other.

It is the gravitational pull of the earth that keeps satellites (natural & manmade, functional & non-functional) in orbit, and sometimes draws them back down to the surface.

Could it be that the gravitational pull of a human body on a piece of jewellery may also some how influence its fate?